What do the different functions within the Pro Geo board include?

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The Chairman

As the chairman of Pro Geo, you represent all the students of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences at the Faculty Council. Within Pro Geo you are responsible for making the agenda’s and for keeping close contact with other parties within the Faculty and with the University Council Parties.

The Vice-Chairman

You will represent the students of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences both as vice chairman of the board of Pro Geo and as vice chairman of the Faculty Council. This means you will support the chairs of both bodies. As vice chairman of the faculty board, you will work closely together with the chairman of the Faculty Council to discuss agenda topics for the Faculty Council Meetings and often represent our students outside the faculty itself.

The Secretary

As secretary of Pro Geo, you are responsible for the communication and promotion. Next to this, you will keep the other board members up-to-date about ongoing affairs.

The Treasurer

You are responsible for the monetary issues of the foundation. Furthermore, the past years the treasurer represent Pro Geo in the Career Day Committee by helping organize the annual Career Day of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences.

Programme Commissioner

The main responsibilities are selecting the Programme Committee members and to make sure the Programme Committees run smoothly.