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At the moment the faculty is deciding on how to spend the study advancement funds in accordance with the quality agreements. The study advancement funds (studievoorschotsmiddelen) are funds made available for investing in education as a compensation for the disappearance of the study grants (basisbeurs). The plans that are to be made for the funds have to be drawn up on faculty level, based on input of students and staff. Therefore, we as Pro Geo organize the opportunity for students to give their input on how to invest these funds.

  • 13 November at 09.30 till 12.00 Coffee hour at Ibn Battuta
  • 13 November at 13.00 till 15.00 Walk in hour in room 5411-0132
  • Or sent an e-mail to info@progeo.nl

More information on https://www.lijstcalimero.nl/en/2018/09/faculties-will-have-a-say-in-the-quality-agreements/