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Dear Student,

As you may have noticed, the Faculty has sent all students an e-mail regarding an article in the Universiteitskrant where a student expressed that he/she did not feel included because of the behavior of one our staff members.

Below the e-mail that was sent by the Faculty:

”As you may have read in the Universiteitskrant (UK), the faculty of Spatial Sciences got some feedback from a student about not feeling included due to the behaviour of one of our staff members. We as a faculty strongly regret this situation. It is our aim to make all students feel welcome, safe and included in our diverse learning community.

Therefore we would like to let you know that if you have faced any similar experiences with e.g. a fellow student or with academic staff, that you can share your experience anonymously via Pro Geo:

Pro Geo aims to plead for the interests of the students of this faculty. Quality of the lectures and student facilities are key issue examples which Pro Geo attempts to improve.
It goes without saying that your email will be treated as highly confidential.”

We hope that you will let us know when something related to this happens to you!