Faculty Council

The Faculty Council (FC) of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences (FSS) has an important ‘right of say’ in the Faculty. The Faculty Council discusses all topics regarding every studyprogramme.

The main goal of the Faculty Council is to check the dean of the FSS, at this moment this is prof. dr. O. Couwenberg. Together with his team, which consist of 4 people from the staff and a student members, he forms the Faculty Board. The Faculty Council looks into the plans of the dean and either agrees or disagrees or gives a positive or negative advice for the intended plan. The rights and duties of the Faculty Council ¬†are written down in the ‘Higher Education and Research Act’: the WHW. It has been formally decided on which topics the Faculty Council has the right of consent and on which topics the Faculty Council has the right of advice. Besides those rights, the Faculty Council has the right of information (the right to ask the dean to clarify unclear occasions) and the right of initiative (the right to take initiatives for themselves).

The Faculty Council consists of a staff fraction and a student fraction, they both consist of five representatives, so the Faculty Council has 10 members. The student members are chosen by students on an annual basis. The chosen student representatives for the Faculty Council do also form the board of Foundation Pro Geo.

The Faculty Council meets approximately six times a year. Examples of topics which are discussed are the budget of the Faculty, Regulations and the ‘education & examination regulations’. Of course, also topics such as University Campus Yantai (UCY) are discussed by the Faculty Council.

The Faculty Council is informed by Programme Committees, the Faculty Board and the University of Groningen. Good ideas don’t come out of nowhere: the members of the Council need your help for that as well. If you have a good idea on how to improve education, please send us an e-mail or speak to your representatives.

In the academic year 2017-2018, the following people will represent students and staff of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences:



Staff Representatives

Student Representatives