The Faculty Board (FB) of the FSS is responsible for the management of the faculty and the organization of the education and research within the faculty. The board makes policy for the faculty, determines the education and research programmes and stays in touch with other important administrative bodies in the framework of decision- and policy making process.The board is responsible for making sure the quality of research and education is maintained within the FSS and motivates employees to come up with ideas on this subject. The FB is accountable for the Executive Board.

  • Dean (education)
  • Vice Dean (research)
  • Managing director
  • Student-member
  • Secretary
  • Johan Woltjer
  • Tialda Haartsen
  • Marga Hids
  • Hanne Punt
  • Mirjam Wempe

Student-member Faculty Board (Assessor)

Each year a student of the FSS has an advisory position within the Faculty Board. This student represents all the students of the faculty. The student assessor attends weekly meetings with the Faculty Board and has up to date knowledge of many topics concerning the faculty. This year, Hanne Punt will be the advisory student member of the Faculty Board. If you have any questions for her please send an e-mail to: