We are the Faculty Association Ibn Battuta, the Faculty Association of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences. With our Board and many committees, we organize many activities for our members. Course-broadening activities as lectures, workshops and company visits make sure that our members are getting an insight into the working field. Our monthly social drinks, parties and fun activities are making sure that our members are staying in contact with each other. Moreover, of course, as geographers we are making sure that lots of different places are visited. For instance, the wintersports, short foreign excursions, a hitchhiking weekend and a large foreign excursion are organized every year. On top of that, we want our members to have the easiest study time as possible by offering our members a discount on their study books and many summaries on our website. In addition, since this year we are offering the opportunity to become a buddy. By this, starting the study life in Groningen will become easier and new students can make contact with seniors easily.
We hope to see you around a lot during the coming year!

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