Since its establishment in 1986, the Geo Promotion Foundation aims to stimulate interest, involvement and career orientation in the field of geography and planning. To put this into practice Geo Promotion organizes different activities. The most important activity is the annual Geo Promotion conference. This conference is visited by many students, staff members of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences and professionals. Geo Promotion aims to connect students in this way to the working field. Every year the conference has a theme with a geographical, spatial or real estate background. Examples of previous themes are risk management, energy transition and the self-sufficient society. This year’s conference will take place on the 6th of March, 2020. 

Every year, a board of six enthusiastic students is responsible to organize the activities and conference. We proudly present ourselves as Geo Promotion Board 2019-2020, existing of Marlies Rijkeboer as Chairman, Gisa Vos as Vice Chairman, Els Dijkstra as Secretary, Douwe Feitsma as Treasurer, Luuk Meijer as Internal Relations and Tobias Meppelink as External Relations. We are working hard to make it a relevant and inspiring conference for all visitors with a different background. We promise you that this year’s event will be a great one, so make sure you are present!

During every Geo Promotion conference, you will gain insights concerning a topic within the field of spatial sciences. Besides that, we invite you to participate in the workshops organized by different companies together with fellow students, academics and professionals from different work fields. This way, you will be challenged to join the discussion about currently striking topics and be able to broaden your network. 

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