Programme Committees

Every bachelor and master programme at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences has his own Programme Committee (PC) in which two or three students take place together with staff of the faculty. The Programme Committees are discussing and appointing various topics related to the quality of the Programmes given at the Faculty. For example, the period staff is required to return the marks of exams, the quality of lecturers, the process of internationalization, and other important issues. After each term, the PC meetings take place in order to evaluate the courses and provide feedback to the lecturers and the Faculty. The PC is also responsible for reviewing and providing feedback on the Teaching and Examination Regulations (Dutch: Onderwijs- en Examenregelingen, OER). Every student studying at the FSS can take place in the Programme Committee. Applications for this position are taken around September/October

The students who will be the year representatives in the Programme Committees in the academic year of 2018-2019 are:

Human Geography and Urban & Regional Planning

Spatial Planning and Design

Alesya Grishkun Felix Wagner Danique Hutten
Saskia Nauta Matthew Lavana Pérez
Kevin Vedder
Staff: Daams (chair), Boumans, Niekerk Staff: van Kann (chair), Gugurell, Tan

Economic Geography

Real Estate Studies

Timo Kip Luuk Meijer Thomas Schram Gladys Okosun
Staff: Sijtsma (chair), van Steen, Brouwer, Liu Staff: Sijtsma (chair), van Steen,  Brouwer, Lui

Population Studies

Research Master Regional Studies

Jelmer Bouter Lara Bister Felipe Pizzardo Marion Plegt
Staff: Mulder (chair), Haaisma Staff: A. Brouwer (chair), Sijtsma

Socio-Spatial Planning

Environmental and Infrastructure Planning

Sander Grootemarsink Gisa Vos Petra Meelker Boeli Boelens
Staff: van den Brink (chair), Busscher, van Kann, Wind Staff: van den Brink (chair), Busscher, van Kann, Wind

 Cultural Geography

Avery Pullara Esther Siebring
Staff: Meijles (chair), van Hoven