Privacy Regulation of Foundation Pro Geo


Personal data that is used

In order to provide services for the students whom Pro Geo represents, Pro Geo makes occasional use of personal data. The necessary personal data are either requested of University of Groningen or of individuals who are affiliated with Pro Geo themselves. Individuals who are affiliated with Pro Geo  include, among others, members of the programme committees, employees,- alumni,- and students of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences (FSS). If data are requested of individuals, it will be made clear why the data are collected and whether the individual agrees with the collection and storage of personal data. Personal data of individuals will only be collected or stored if the University of Groningen or the individuals themselves granted permission to do so. Individuals give permission to collect and store data if they sign up for activities, by sending in complaints or when specifically opting in to do so.

Participants of activities organised by, or in collaboration with Pro Geo, agree that Pro Geo can freely use pictures on which the participant is visible.

Why Pro Geo needs personal data?

Pro Geo uses personal data for a broad range of purposes. The main reason is to contact individuals who are affiliated with the Faculty of Spatial Sciences of Groningen University or with Pro Geo itself. Contact will be established in order to inform or ask Pro Geo affiliated individuals about current affairs of either the FSS or of Pro Geo. Next to this, personal data will be used to keep track of participants of activities organised by Pro Geo.

How does Pro Geo save your personal data?

Pro Geo will never save your personal data for longer than strictly necessary to realize the goals, for which your data are collected. Your data will not be saved for longer than a year when there is no agreement with you concerning this. Pro Geo aims to save data on the protected storage room provided by the University of Groningen as much as possible. Files are stored and collected by means of the Pro Geo Google account ( as well.

Mapping website use

On the website of Pro Geo ( general webvisit data will tracked, such as the IP-address of the visitor, the time of extraction of data, and data that your browsers sends. These data will be used for analysis of visit- and clicking behavior on the website. The website is hosted by 60gradenwebdesign. Pro Geo and 60gradenwebdesign use the data to better the operation of the website. Data will be anonymised as much as possible and will never be shared by Pro Geo with third parties.

View, change or withdraw permission to store personal data

You always have the right to view, correct or withdraw permission to store personal data. then you can file a request of correction or deletion to the board of Pro Geo  by sending an email to or by reaching out to one of the board members personally.