Other Committees

Besides the Programme Committees Pro Geo also has other committees. The students on the board of Pro Geo take place in these committees. If you would like to apply for one of these committees please let us know!


Faculty Library Committee
Tasks: Attend meetings, think about important issues, notify problems from a student perspective about the library at Zernike and it’s facilities.

Student member: Charissa Andringa


Charissa Andringa


Student representative faculty Health, Safety and Environment service         

Tasks: Support the Health, Safety and Environment service

Coördinator of the FSS: Miriam Brugmans

Student member: Welmoed Claus

Welmoed Claus

Career Day committee

in collaboration with Ibn Battuta

The Career day is meant for all students of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences(FSS). At this event students can orient themselves on the labour market and get a better idea about what job perspectives they could have after completing a study programme at the FSS.

The career day committee 2017-2018 consist of the following students: 

S.T. (Simone) Rehwinkel Chairman
E.Z. (Elza) van der Meer Vice Chairman & Acquisition
Rolf de Jong Secretary
D.C. (Danielle) Ruikes Treasurer
R.H. (Roman) Schuijers Commissioner Location & Logistics
W.J. (Wendy) Daggenvoorde Commissioner Acquisition
L. (Luuk) Meijer Commissioner PR
Henri Batterink Board member Ibn Battuta
J.K. (Jorrit) Kootstra Board member Pro Geo

Pro Geo: Audit Committee

The Audit Committee monitors and advises the board of Pro Geo about their financial situation. The Audit Committee was established in 2007.

Members: Jorrit Kootstra, Marins Hettinga & Renske Simon

Pro Geo: Advisory Board

The Advisory Board provides Pro Geo of solicited and unsolicited advice on policy matters. The Advisory Board was established in 2008 and currently exists of:

Gwenda van der Vaart Dr. (Chair ’11 -’12, ’10 -’11 Commissioner PC’s)

Jan-Aike Noordermeer MSc. (Chair ’14 -’15)

Ronald Kleine MSc. (Secretary ’15 -’16)

Niels Kuiper MSc. (Commissioner PC’s ’15 -’16)

Wouter van Heugten MSc. (Vice Chairman ’16 -’17)

Henri Batterink (Secretary ’16 -’17)

Bart-Peter Smit BSc. (Vice Chairman ’17 -’18)

Kim Poelsema BSc. (Secretary ’17 -’18)